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Property Management Services by
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 Eddie Montes – Director of Property Management

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Eddie brings more than 20 years of business and property management experience to Punta Pacifica. In his last position in Florida, he was responsible for 14 multi-family communities covering more than 1,500 units. He also knows Panama well – he lived here as a teenager and graduated from Balboa Sr. High School.

We think you’ll find Eddie a breath of fresh air, both for his expertise and professionalism. At PPR, Eddie will be focused on making Punta Pacifica Realty’s team of 25 property management professionals a model of efficiency and customer service. His primary task will be to make sure our staff is meeting — and exceeding – your expectations.

Luis Rivas – Property Manager


Luis graduated from the National Engineering University in Nicaragua as an Industrial Engineer, which taught him attention to detail and the value of following proven processes.

These days Luis is focused on providing the best possible service for our clients. He specializes in understanding their needs, effective communication, and meeting and exceeding expectations. His expertise in many areas of the real estate business and knowledge of the community make him a valuable asset to the team.

Luis’ background includes working with a large international outsources company and he regularly volunteers with a mission team working in a small Panama community. Luis is happily married and enjoys playing soccer in his spare team — two of the reasons he describes himself as team player and a hard worker.

Milton Scantlebury – Professional Photographer

MiltonMilton came to Punta Pacifica Realty with red shoes and natural charisma, and he was hired on the spot. On his second week in PPR his talent in photography was discovered and he instantly became our photographer.

Milton is working on his degree in Global Business while exploring his business opportunities with PPR. He has already shown strong drive and a willingness to grow to achieve success. His passion for photography has driven him to excel at his craft.  He has also begun producing videos of our clients apartments on their request.

In addition to his array of duties with PPR, Milton is a passionate musician and plays drums in a local band.

Luis Fanilla – C.P.A

_DSC0535.Luis arrived to Punta Pacifica Realty as an Accounting Assistant.  Luis keeps all details running smoothly with accounting cycles.  Actually these days Luis is finishing his studies in Commercial Engineering at the Interamerican University of Panama.  His passion is Bookkeeping, Banking, Auditing and Finances Administration.

Luis is tolerant, helpful, and his persistence makes him accomplish his duties appropriately on time.  His favorite hobby, is to have long financial reading nights whit his favorite authors Joseph Stiglitz and Alvin Toffler.

Daniel Perez Espinosa – C.P.A

_DSC0516.Daniel Pérez graduated from Panama University reaching the Accounting Degree and Public Accounting.  His passion is to spare time with his family and friend participating in local Football Soccer tournaments.

Daniel had experiences with companies like Formatec S.A., CIRSA Panamá, AXA Assistance Panamá, S.A. because of this experiences we know Punta Pacifica Realty has a great Accouter in the Property Management Department taking care of our value customers.

Pamela Rodriguez – Financial Assistant

_DSC0524.Pam had the opportunity to be exposed to American culture while living in Seattle, WA for 5 years where she learned not just the language but how important it is to connect with others. She learned how to interact the “right way” with clients, in order to understand their expectations and be able to provide service accordingly. She realized that passion and willingness are two very important skills in any Customer Service position. She said “For me, working in the Property Management Department of PPR, those two tools become the most important to go beyond the expectations of what our customers need and want.

Pam currently takes classes at the Inter-American University where she is working on getting her degree in International Businesses.  “Being part of the PPR family, has taught me a great deal about myself and to be able to help others in making their life more comfortable in my home country of Panama.”

Roberto Gomez – Financial Assistant

_DSC0531.Roberto Gomez is a positive human being that enjoys challenges, and is always looking to improve himself as a professional to benefit Customers and Coworkers.  Roberto graduated from High School in 2009 at the Instituto Nacional de Panama.  Roberto graduated as a Bilingual Tech in Communication and he is currently studying for a degree in BilingualExecutive Communication and then on to continue with a Masters degree in Human Resources.

As a professional Roberto has 2 years of experience in the customer service area. He is always surpassing customers’ expectations with Respect, Honesty and Promptness.  As a member of the Punta Pacifica Realty team, he works in the Property Management Department as a Financial Specialist.

Cindy Rose – Quality Control Supervisor

Cindy RoseCindy is the friendly face of the company. She is the first one to greet business associates, guests and clients and she always works hard to make sure the first impression is a great one.

She has worked with Punta Pacifica Realty for the past 2 years and has worked her way up the corporate ladder.  She is responsible for all of our move in and move outs for our PM customers.


Alexandros Karandulis – Customer Service /
Maintenance Coordinator

_DSC0515.He is a proactive and self- motivated individual who is always willing to help. His previous experience and Industrial Engineering studies makes “people skills”, “customer care”, “problem identifying/solving” and “conditional planning” part of his best assets while his thirst of knowledge makes him an innovative person who is always targeting to deliver the best results.

His day to day duties in the office involve organizing and managing the maintenance teams that are on the street working each and every day.

Gustavo Rivera – Maintenance Supervisor


Gustavo Rivera is an outgoing – hard worker that enjoys playing football, soccer, and other sports.

Gustavo Rivera graduated from Instituto Angel Rubio as an electrician in 1992, He enjoys working on construction sites as a builder and as an electrician.  As a professional Gustavo has more than 10 years of experience as a Certified Electrician. He’s with the company for 3 years and he currently holds the position of Maintenance Supervisor.

Marisol Chanis – Cleaning Services Supervisor


Marisol Chanis is an outgoing, energize, hard working Mother of 2 girls. She enjoys listening to music, traveling to the country side and spending quality time with her family members and close friends.

Marisol Chanis graduated from Instituto Rodolfo Chiari in 1989 with a commerce and accounting tittle in 1989, this days she is finishing her Degree as a Business and Marketing Administrator at Universidad de Panama.  As a professional Marisol has more than 10 years of experience as a Certified Hotel and Business Maintenance Department.

Marisol has been part of The Punta Pacifica Realty family, for 3 years, her position is Maintenance Supervisor.

Maria Yao – Office Assistant

Maria-del-CarmenMaria Del Carmen, is a fun and cheerful girl always willing to assist you with a big smile. She is a humble person who loves movies, sports and take her family as her motivation to improve every day.

Maria graduated from Instituto Sun Yat Sen in 2006, with a science, commerce and laws title and is working on her Tourism and Hotel Administration Degree. As a professional, she is a wise Customer Service Specialist, with a 7 years experience, always using a good attitude and attending your requests and concerns in a fastly manner. She is always trying to improve herself as a professional and human being.




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