Pre-Qualified Tenants from Multinational Corporations

When it comes to your investment property and the opportunities that they bring, WHO is in your apartment is almost if not more important than how much they are paying you to be there!  With our extensive history in the area and our existing relationships, we work directly with many of the biggest corporations with offices setup in Panama. Those include multinational corporations such as Caterpillar, Proctor & Gamble, and Maersk –as well as most of the top relocation firms that are hired to place and relocate these corporate executives.

What this means for you and your investment property?

  • High rental prices
  • Pre-qualified tenants
  • Guaranteed rental payments on time

Its pretty simple, as they analyze the market, Punta Pacifica offers several distinct advantages, including but not limited to the following:

  • A centralized location with proximity to major roads and business centers
  • Safety
  • A Luxury waterfront location.

Even for top level executives, the relocation experience can be very unnerving. Trump Ocean Club offers a situation that makes them feel at home very quickly.  The goal of course, is to create the smoothest transition possible, while still enjoying the lifestyle, comfort and security they have grown to expect. Trump Ocean Club offers all of the above including a professional like minded community to mingle with– an asset that is difficult to find in other areas of the city.

Corporations will often use the high-luxury lifestyle of Punta Pacifica to incentivize their best executives into relocating to Panama. We often see the phenomenon, particularly with Trump Ocean Club, wherein an executive is on the fence about relocating until they get a glimpse of the lifestyle that Trump and Punta Pacifica has to offer its residents.

For an undecided executive, a posh residence in the Trump Ocean Club or just Punta Pacifica as a whole, makes for a compelling enticement.